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    Imagine the time and money you could save by not shaving or waxing . Laser hair removal makes it all possible.

    Pain-free and effective treatment to reduce unwanted hair from any part of your body,on every skin type and coarse to fine hair.

    We recommends 6 full sessions to see lasting results and upto 90% reduction.                              1 & 3 Sessions can be used as touch-ups.              8 Sessions can be required for certain hair growth types.


    Also known as vacum therapy or vacuum cupping therapy, it is a noninvasive technique used to lift, reshape and contour your behind. The combination of massaging and cupping  melts the fat pockets that cause dimpled and lumpy skin, re-positioning some of malleable fat for a more appealing buttock contour. Broken down fat is then deposited naturally through the body, via the lymphatic system. Also this treatment :

    • Stimulate the muscles;
    • Tighten the skin;
    • Remove the greasy deposits;
    • Stimulate blood circulation;
    • Help the circulation of lymph in the lymphatic vessels;
    • Facilitate the elimination of toxins by the body.
    A Colombian lifting session lasts up to 1 year . For best results, we recommend that you attend 6 to 10 sessions, once or twice a week. 
    On each session you will have immediate results and in many cases a real difference may be seen in as few as 1-3 sessions. Results vary from person to person.
    Just like when you exercise a muscle, once is not enough for it to stay toned, it needs repetition to gain strength at each use.




    Give definition to problem areas that don’t react to diet and exercise!!!

    This revolutionary technology can destroy fat cells from any targeted area to give you the body you want by getting rid of excess fat in areas such as thighs, back, chin, arms, and stomach.

    The treatment uses combined technologies for cellulite reduction and body shaping. The Vaccum assisted-HIFU machine delivers powerful focused ultrasound energy to break localized fat cells selectively and instantly.

    The RF machine combines Vacuum and infrared light technologies help resolve fat and skin lifting & tightening for fat and circumference reduction.

    The procedure is non-invasive, requires no downtime, and can  take approximately 30-60 mins depending on the area, you can expect to see results as the treatments progress, a minimum of 8 treatments for the body is recommended.

    Clinical trials have shown an average of 24% fat reduction after just a single treatment.




    Madérothérapie uses a series of repetitive deep pressure movements with special wood tools that lead to rapid break down of fatty tissue and celluliteIt can help with:

    • Loosening tight muscles

    • Contouring the body
    • Breaking down cellulite and burning fat

    • Naturally eliminating toxins in your body

    • Speeding up your metabolism

    • Stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage 

    This treatment can be combined with lipocavitation or vacuum therapy.