Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows.

Great solution for those with sparse, thin and over plucked eyebrows.

Those who have experienced hair loss.Those who’d like to refine and reshape their brows.

**First touchup (4-6) weeks included


It typically lasts longer than Microblading as it uses more pigment throughout the eyebrow.

If you are looking for longevity with less touch-ups shading would be the recommended method. However most people are fearful of this method looking too solid or unnatural.

**First touchup (4-6) weeks included


A  form of semi-permanent makeup where both the Microblading technique and shading are combined.

This technique is great for those who have sparse eyebrows, little to no hair, or those who simply want to add definition to their eyebrows and arch.

Combo Brows allow us to create an illusion of eyebrows hairs and soft powder that resembles a natural makeup look. 

**First touchup (4-6) weeks included


Lip Blush is a form of semi-permanent makeup that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and fullness. 

This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed.

The best results generally come from a two step process. Healed results are unique to each client  and touch ups are beneficial for layering the pigment for more saturation and must be completed within 10 weeks from the original session.

Generally, lip blushing can last several years, although your lifestyle contributes to how well it maintains.

**First touchup (4-6) weeks included


A gentle semi-permanent colour pigment with a lip staining effect, that emphasizes the lip colour and gives the effect of full, beautifully highlighted lips!

The composition of the serum includes hyaluronic acid that moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin of the lips, making the lips silky smooth with more visible volume.

 For a longer lasting and more durable colour,  2-4 treatments are needed. The colour can last up to 6 months.



After your first microblading session, 
your body will naturally reject 60%
of the pigment, so it's a 2-part procedure.
A touch-up 6 weeks later is a must if you
want your new brows to last as long as





A beautiful way to accentuate the look and highlight 
the eyes.
By drawing the outline of the eye, we can
easily accentuate the look
by create the impression
very full eyelashes.


Tattoos don’t have to be large to make an impact. 
Even small tattoos can have a powerful meaning.
Today, smaller tattoos are really trending , It’s perfect
for your arm, shoulder, or really anywhere
you want to put a small tattoo
Down to give one a try?






Scalp micropigmentation treatments is a technique 
that allows the camouflage of hair loss for men and
also for women by introducing thousands of tiny
pigment deposits into the epidermis of the scalp.

The procedure usually requires 2-3 sessions,
each lasting approximately 2-3 hours, but time
can vary depending on the client requirements.
Those with bald heads will require longer sessions.




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