Explore the depths of wellness and healing with SLB academy.

Immerse yourself in the world of Infra-Therapy through our training program dedicated to beauticians wishing to broaden their knowledge and skills and discover the fundamental principles and benefits of Infra-Therapy, a revolutionary method of body care.

 SLB academy will teach the advanced techniques for using infrared for relaxation, muscle recovery and improving circulation to easily integrate Infra-Therapy into your existing range of services in order to offer your clients a complete and innovative wellness experience.



One day training

What you will learn

    • What's infra-therapy
    • Advantages and contraindications
    • Pre-appointment instructions
    • Aftercare 
    • Hygiene, Health and Safety
    • Skin Anatomy 
    • Cellulite and body fat type
    • Understanding the lymphatic system
    • Circulatory system
    • What to treat with infra-therapy
    • Cause of water retention
    • How the infra therapy device works
    • Step by step technique
    • Practice on models (In class only) 



- Customer file

- Certificate

- Student discounts on products and services

- Mentoring and continuous coaching.

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Deposit, With machine, Without machine

Online / In Class

In Class, Online


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