The most popular Semi-permanent makeup treatment that gives natural and realistic results.  Hairstrokes are made with a manual blade filled with pigment to imitate hair stokes, giving your brows a natural and modern look. It is perfect for people with sparse, thin brows as well as for those who want more defined eyebrows. This program will give you all the tools you need to start a successful Career as a Microblading Artist

3 days of Training , private or semi-private and will covers:

  • What is Microblading
  • Benefits & contraindications
  • Pre-appointment Instructions
  • Post Care 
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety
  • Skin Types and the Fitzpatrick Scale  
  • Determining Pigments and Numbing Creams 
  • Understanding different Microblading Needles
  • Analyzing and identifying face Structurals 
  • Understanding and knowing how to perform a skin patch test   massage
  • Microblading on Practice Skin  
  • How to create the perfect stroke
  • Understanding Brow Pass and Stroke Pass
  • Mapping and creating the perfect set of eyebrows 
  • Hands on practice  


Kit Includes:

  • 1X  Microblading Stylus
  • 3X Pigments
  • 2X Measuring pen
  • 3X Practice skin
  • 1X Eyebrows shaver paquet
  • 1X Pair of scissors
  • 1X Tweezer
  • 1X Box of needles U18 or U14
  • 1X Box of ink rings 
  • 1X Box of self Adhesive rules 
  • 1X Box of mascara wands
  • 1X Fougera cream 
  • 1X Box of Micro applicator

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