Course-Volume Eyelashes Extensions

Course-Volume Eyelashes Extensions



This course is for experienced technicians that already giving the classic eyelash extensions service and would like to level up. Learn how to give extra voluminous lashes to your clients, many style of lashing as the doll look, the cat eye, and how to give that Kim kardashian wispy look.

Duration of the course: 12 hours

Content of the kit:

1X Mixed Eyelash extensions box 0.05 C

1X Mixed Eyelash extensions box 0.07 D

1X Practice Head.

1X Practice Eyelashes extensions

1X Glue for eyelashes extensions 5ml

1X Shampoo and cleaning brush for eyelashes extensions

1X Mini Fan

2X Medical ribbon

1X Gel remover

1X  Jade Stone

1X Eyelash Pallet

2X Tweezers

1X Eye Patch Package

1X Micro Bruch package

1X Mascara wands package

1X Primer



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